Wednesday, November 15, 2006

MangalAsAsanam to GnAna PirAn

Azhwar came out from temple and ready for going to Sri Gnana Piran Sannidhi for mangalasasanam to Thiruvalavendhai Piran. This sannidhi is at the back of the lighthouse hill. Here perumAl is in Varaha avataram holding Bhoomi pirAttiyAr at right side in His lap. Hence Thiruvalavendhai. This is similar to Thiruvidavendhai (PirAttiyAr at left side) but opposite in the position of PirAttiyar seating position in the lap of Sri Varaha PerumAl. ThirumEni of Thiruvalavendhai perumAl is made up of ChunnAmbu kalavai with Varnam. This is a small temple inside the caves of a small hill. The pAsuram goes like this: "EnathinuruvAgi nilamangaiyezhil kondAn, vAnathilavar muraiyAl magizhnthEthi valankolla, kAnaththin kadalmallaith thalasayanath thuraiginra, gnAnathiN oliyuruvai ninaivAren nAyagarE" - Periya Thirumozhi, 2-6-3. While going to the Sannidhi, adiyEn captured the picturesque view of Azhwar moving behind the backdrop of Mahabalipuram rock sculptures.
After mangalAsAsanam to Sri GnAna Piran, theertham, prasAdam, mariyadhai was given to BhoodhathAzhwar. Then we received prasAdams. ThirukOttiyUr Madhavan Swamin also came to witness this event of MangalAsAsanam to Sri Gnana Piran by BhoodhathAzhwar. Bhattar gave the historic information about the Sannidhi and also one information about the moolavar Varaha perumal. The moolavar as adiyEn told, is made up of sunnAmbu paste with colour (varNam) on it. Here the pirAttiAr is sitting on the right side lap of Sri Varaha Perumal. Left hand of PerumAl holding divine feet of PirAttiyAr, while the another hand of perumAl holding pirAttiyAr on His right lap. Indeed that was a great divine darshan !. While showing arathi, bhattar also showed one finger of perumAl which holds pirAttiyAr, wearing golden ring. It is really adiyEns bhAgyam to view that, and it is really natural in perumAls finger.

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