Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Masi Makam TheerthavAri Uthsavam

Sri Nilamangai Thayar Sametha Sri Ulaguiyya Ninran, Thirukadalmallai

Dear BhAgavathAs,
Celebrating TheerthavAri Uthsavam at the dhivyadesams nearby sea is great bhAgyam and divine experience. Likewise Thirukadalmallai is one among such Dhivyadesam on the banks of Bay of Bengal and the name itself contains ("Thirukadal") the sea because the sea water was touched by the divine hands of Emperuman to help a sage known PundarIka maharishi. The sea here is known as "artha sEthu". Hence taking a holy dip in this sea during this theerthavAri is great bhAgyam and auspicious for everyone to get His blessings. It is said that, taking holy dip during theerthavAri is great bhAgyam, that too theerthavAri at sea is more auspicious. Hence adiyEn requests all bhAgavathAs to attend this theerthavAri mahOtsavam at Thirukadalmallai on 3rd - March - 07.

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